Types of Orchids

Orchid is a diverse and widespread flowering plant. They are often colorful and fragrant. They look beautiful and smell awesome. They are grown in houses, farms, fields, etc for commercial as well as recreational purposes. Different types of orchids are used for various different purposes .Orchid flowers have abnormal number of petals or lips. Vanilla which is used in various perfumes as well as food products is also extracted from a certain type of orchid. This diverse exotic plant comes in many types. Each and every types of orchids have different type of requirements for care. Here we are going to discuss about the five most common types of orchid.

brassavola orchidThe first type of orchid is Brassavola orchid. Brassavola orchid falls under the types of orchids which release their fragnance way before you can see the flowers. The perfume is released only in the evening and flowers are white in colour. This type falls under the category of types of orchids which depend on moth for pollination.

The second type of orchid is Catasetum orchid. The flowers of this plant start off as white but laters turns into yellow and falls during winter. Many variations can be seen in the shape and colour of this plant. This type falls under the category of types of orchids which depend on bees for pollination.

cattleya orchidsThe third type of orchid is the Cattleya orchid. This type of orchid comes in large variety of colours and forms. They fall under the typers of orchids used for making corsage. Many forms of cattleya orchids are bicolour and in some freckles may be present.

The forth type of orchid is Cysnoches orchid. This orchid is commonly known as swan orchid because of the resemblance of male flower to the neck of a swan.

The fifth type of orchid is Cymbidium orchid. This type of orchid has smaller flowers as compared to other types of orchids.

Some other types of orchid can also be found.

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