Preserving Flowers and Orchids

preserving flowers

Fresh flowers are often a part of one of the happiest moments, whether the flowers are given to you by someone special or you pluck them by their mesmerizing beauty. Have you ever got a thought of preserving the beautiful flowers? There are a few methods to preserve the flowers like pressing or drying the orchids flowers. Whether you love a pressed flower or preserve the natural 3 dimensional flower. One of the methods will help you.

Method 1: Press the Orchids

Pressing orchid blooms don’t need any extra-ordinary tool. Firstly choose bloom to be pressed. Once you have chosen and removed the flower, the next process is place sheets of paper on a table or desk, on the paper place the blooms. After this be careful in keeping another two sheets of above the bloom. After this place the wrapped bloom in a heavy book. Check back the bloom in two weeks.

Method 2: Dry the Orchids

By drying orchid blooms, you can maintain the 3 dimensional quality of the orchid’s bloom. Drying orchids require floral silica gel. Firstly pour some of the gel onto the bottom part of an airtight container. After pouring keep the bloom in the gel, stem side down. Again pour enough gel in the container in order cover the bloom. Finally seal the container, make sure no air enters. The container should be left for about 7-10 days.

A few other simple ways to preserve flowers.

1. Cutting and trimming the flowers – Trim off the leaves of each flower’s stem. Then cut the stems to the desired length. It’s better to keep the stems of about 6 inches.trimming flowers

2. Find a dark location to store the flowers – Take the flowers from sunlight and place them in a dark location, such as an attic. Try finding a location that is dry and ventilated.

3. Securing the stems together and hanging them upside down. Wrap a rubber band around the stems to keep them held together. After this tie a couple of pieces of dental floss around the stems at the bottom. The flowers must hang upside down, so tie ends to a hanger, using a hanger will retain the flower’s shape.If you have bunch of flowers, it’s better to tie them in groups of 5 or less, because the dental floss cannot withstand more weight.

These were a few tips to preserve flowers, who does not want to preserve flowers? Everyone loves to preserve them, So try one of the above methods and restore the beauty of your loved flower.

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