Tacoma Orchid Society
Tacoma Orchid Society
Tacoma Orchid Society
Tacoma Orchid Society
Tacoma Orchid Society
Tacoma Orchid Society
Tacoma Orchid Society
Tacoma Orchid Society
Tacoma Orchid Society
Tacoma Orchid Society
Tacoma Orchid Society
Tacoma Orchid Society
Tacoma Orchid Society

Bylaws For Tacoma Orchid Society
Amended February 26th, 2008

Article I: Name and Object
  • Section 1: The name of the Society shall be "The Tacoma Orchid Society".

  • Section 2: The general object of the Society shall be to foster the study and enjoyment of growing orchids. To meet this objective, the Society shall:

    A. Maintain affiliation with American Orchid Society.

    B. Hold monthly meetings.

    C. Sponsor a minimum of one orchid show and sale each year.

    D. Maintain a library for the use of its members.

Article II: Membership and Dues
  • Section 1: All individuals or firms interested in orchids are eligible for membership.

  • Section 2: There shall be two types of memberships.

    A. Active: An active member shall be an individual or firm interested in the general objects of the Society.

    B. Honorary: Honorary members shall be those persons nominated by the Executive Board and elected by the members.

  • Section 3: Membership in the society shall lapse if the member fails to pay dues to the Treasurer by the general meeting in February of each year.

    A. Annual dues shall be set by membership vote.

    B. Annual dues are due January 1st for the calendar year, January through December.

    C. One-half years dues shall be available for new members joining from July through December at one-half of the established annual dues.

  • Section 4: A member can be expelled by the Executive Board if, in its opinion, he or she has violated the rules or decisions of the Society.

  • Section 5: A person or firm may gain, or regain, membership by payment of dues to the Treasurer.

Article III: Amendments
  • Section 1: An amendment may be presented to the general membership in writing one month before the vote is taken.

  • Section 2: The bylaws of the Society shall be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at the regular meeting.

Article IV: Disbandonment
  • Section 1: A proposal to disband must be presented to the general membership one month before the vote is taken.

  • Section 2: The Society shall disband with a two-thirds vote of the current members.

  • Section 3: Within three months of disbanding, the Executive Board shall liquidate all possessions of the Society.

  • Section 4: The Executive Board shall pay all outstanding bills.

  • Section 5: After paying all outstanding bills, the Executive Board shall send remaining assets to the American Orchid Society.

Article V: Structure of the Tacoma Orchid Society

Section 1: Officers
  • Officers shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Editor of the Newsletter.
  • The task of the Officers is the continuous management of the Society in accordance with general instructions of the membership.
  • Any vacancy in the Officers will be filled by an interim appointed by the President.
  • The elected Officers shall serve from the beginning of the Society’s year (January) through the end of the following December, exception being Treasurer who will begin in November for internship.

Section 2: President
  • Preside at all society business meetings and serve as the Chair of the Executive Board.
  • Delegate authority when unable to attend business or Executive Board meetings.
  • Establish committees and appoint committee chairs. Establish other staff positions when needed.
  • Serve as “ex officio” member of all committees (except the nominating committee) and attend as many committee meetings as possible.
  • Call for regular reports, either oral or written, from all officers and committee chairs.
  • Make certain that planning and work on all society activities are initiated far enough in advance to ensure completion and success.
  • Examine the contemporary structure and activities of the society to determine if they are workable and desirable. Initiate new procedures and projects if warranted.
  • Appoint an AOS Representative and ensure the American Orchid Society has the current name, address and phone number of the current AOS Representative and the President.
  • Appoint Librarian.
  • Represent the Society in its relations with other groups or societies.

Section 3: Vice-President
  • Perform all duties of the President during his or her absence.
  • Serve as Program Chairman, plan and schedule programs/speakers at the Society's monthly meetings and host and introduce speakers.
  • Perform other duties assigned by the President.
  • Will be responsible for writing thank you notes to speakers.

  • Maintain information of record for the benefit of the Society and its governing body.
  • Keep accurate minutes and attendance of all regular Society and Executive Board meetings and promptly distribute to the Newsletter Editor.

Section 5: Treasurer
  • Collect all dues and prepare and present a financial report at each meeting.
  • Monitor expenditures specified in the approved annual budget and provide quarterly reports to the Executive Board.
  • Pay out all moneys designated by the vote of the membership.
  • Prepare an annual report for the March meeting of each year.
  • Hold an audit annually in October of each year.
  • Two month internship for incumbent treasurer starts in November.
  • Two officers shall be placed on the signature card on the TOS account. The two officers shall consist of the Treasurer and another officer appointed by the Executive Board.

Section 6: Newsletter Editor
  • Prepare, publish and distribute to each member of the Society a monthly newsletter.
  • Publish a yearly membership list in March of each year that includes the AOS contact information.
  • Annually send AOS an updated roster of the Society's members' names and complete addresses. Please note that the membership list is for use solely by AOS staff, and is not distributed to outside parties.
  • Publish a yearly library inventory.

Section 7: Trustees
  • The Trustees shall be members in good standing of the Tacoma Orchid Society.
  • One Trustee shall be elected by the membership at the annual election of officers of the Society for a 3-year term, 2-year term and 1-year term as needed to fill position.
  • The Trustees shall act as members of the Executive Board.

Section 8: Executive Board
  • The Executive Board shall consist of the Officers, the Past-President, 3 Trustees and Show Chair.
  • The President shall be Chairman of the Executive Board.
  • The Executive Board shall meet in June and February and at such other times as seems advisable by the Board Chair. The membership is welcome to attend these meetings.
  • The Executive Board shall formulate policies and address all problems of the Society.
  • All recommendations made by the Executive Board must be ratified by the majority vote of members present at any regular meeting of the membership.
  • The retiring President shall be “ex-officio” a member of the Executive Board for the subsequent year.
  • Meet in January before the show.
  • Meet in March to review budget and past show.
  • Meet in March to nominate next years officers. The officers term lasts one year from April to April.

Section 9: Committees
  • Committees shall be established by the President as needed.
  • Committees shall be appointed at the beginning of the year.
  • Committees shall consist of:
    A. Raffle Committee
    B. Picnic Committee
    C. Holiday Party Committee
    D. Public Relations Committee
    E. Sunshine Committee
    F. Meeting Refreshments Committee
    G. Meeting Setup Committee
    H. Meeting Take Down Committee
    I. Show Committee

Section 10: Librarian
  • The Librarian shall maintain the Society library.
  • The Librarian shall prepare an annual inventory of the library items for the February meeting each year.
  • The Librarian shall forward the library inventory to the Newsletter Editor to be published.
  • The Librarian shall receive annually $200.00 non-accumulative, to be used for library material. Any expenses over this amount must be approved by the general membership. The $200.00 will not include the purchase of any AOS show books.
Section 11: Show Chair
  • Will pay the $150.00 honorarium to the local AOS judging center in February of each year.
  • Will be responsible for writing thank you notes to the speakers, vendors, participants, judging center and the facility that hosted the show.